Holiday Light Installation Tips for Professional Installers

Best Tips for Professional Installers to Set Up Holiday Lighting

Everyone wishes to decorate their homes with lights and other stunning decorative items when it’s a season of holidays. Many people try to light up the corners of the roof, windows, entrance lobby, etc., with spectacular lights but, they face many difficulties to get that crisp output. A call to a professional light installer seems a comfortable solution in such a situation. If you are a professional installer, here are some best tips related to holiday light installation so that you can add joy to your customer’s celebrations.    

5 Tips for Professional Installers:

The following are the simple but unique tips that help make a difference between you and other professional installers.

Before you check these tips, make sure you have the following material with you:

  • Measuring tape/ruler
  • A folding ladder (Precisely a long one)
  • Lighting mounts
  • Toolkit or toolbox
  • Extension cords
  • Lights finalized by the customer


  • Tip 1 - Plan before you start:  

The most important tip to getting started with Christmas lights or holiday lights is to have words with your customers. Speak to them clearly and understand what kind of light decoration they are expecting. Be ready with your questionnaires like what type of premises they want to light up – house or commercial space? What type of lights do they wish to use? What about their budget? And many such questions. Take proper measurements in front of them and give them the correct estimate. Give them an idea about your payment policy and finalize the order once they confirm it.   


  • Tip 2 - Use Quality and Reliable Products:

There are plenty of light manufacturers available both offline and online. Don’t finalize your products just based on pricing. Check the quality of products, their lifespan, features, and return policy. Your customer believes that you are going to use quality materials with fine installations. 


  • Tip 3 – What to install – LED or Incandescent Lights?

Commonly, customers get confused between LED or Incandescent Lights. So it depends on how you clear customers about the benefits & drawbacks of lights you are going to install. LED is the best option for holiday light installation. It offers accurate color, ease of use, consumes less energy, has a longer life span, and is easy to remove & store.

Are you planning for a classy and mood-swinging indoor or bedroom ambiance? Check to buy led lights for the room online and be rest assured about reliable products and the best deals.


  • Tip 4 – Execute Your Plan Properly:

If you are thinking about how to install led strip lights? Here is a short plan for you.

Now you are ready with everything, your light decoration ideas, lighting material, and the other stuff to let you fix those lights. Climb up the ladder and start fitting it evenly as decided. Keep the tools in pockets needed repeatedly to avoid going up & down the ladder unnecessarily. Don’t be hurry as it may lead to rework. Don’t plug the lights till you finish fixing the last bulb of the LED strip. Don’t hang LED strips close to the ground; instead, keep them lynching at a certain height. Utilize traditional & magnetic clips, tapes, and extension cords properly. 

  • Tip 5 – Everything is Ready – Test the Output:

Finally, it’s time to let your customer enjoy that eye-catching light decoration. Plug and start the connections and check whether every strip is working fine or not. If any bulb or strip is not lighting up, confirm the errors and fix them on-spot. Make sure your customer is happy with your work and leave the place if nothing is left behind.


The holiday season brings business to professional installers as many people wish to decorate their homes and offices with a mind-blowing lighting setup. The above tips will help you make a customer happy this holiday season. We are one of the best choices to buy outdoor led lighting strips. We offer professional LED solutions for both home and commercial premises.