Why LED Strip Lights Keep Blinking?

7 Common Reasons Why LED Strip Lights Keep Blinking

LED lights are considered one of the best lighting solutions for your home as they help you save 75% more energy than regular bulbs. But sometimes, you may notice that these LED strip lights flash or start blinking. So how to solve this LED flickering issue? This blog highlights the causes of it and a quick solution. 
Let’s have a look at the seven most common reasons behind your LED strip lights flickering.
(We have mentioned a bonus tip for you below each reason – check it out)
  • Why are My LED Strip Lights Flashing?

The following are the most common reasons that cause LED strip light flickering. Below each reason, we have given a tip to fix the issue:  

  1. Poor Connection:
The top reason that causes hindrance in the working of LED strip lights is poorly connected cables. In this case, the LED strip lights are not properly connected to the power supply. As a result of this, flicker begins immediately. This poor connection alternatively makes and breaks the electric circuit.
Tip to Fix Issue – Recheck your connection for loose contact. Properly connect the cables. If possible, solder the connections to avoid them getting lost again and again.

  1. Incompatible Parts:
If you observe that the flashing of the entire LED light strip is affected by the level of dimming, please check your dimmers or controllers. It happens that incompatible dimming protocols cause fluctuations in current passed to the LED light strip.

Tip to Fix Issue – You need to make sure the dimmer switch you are using is compatible with your LED strip light. Dimmers or controllers on the low voltage side are NOT compatible. Non-dimmable drivers are NOT compatible with the high voltage side.
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  1. Voltage Drop:
Are you observing flashing across the entire LED strip light followed by a significant decrease in the brightness? It may be due to voltage drop corresponding to excessive run length. LED strip lights have a minimum voltage requirement or a specific power to operate them. If your LED strip light is too lengthy, it may cause flickering and dimming due to voltage drop. Such an excessive load can damage the other components like the connector or bulb of the LED strip lights.

Tip to Fix Issue – The simplest solution to get rid of this is to minimize the length of your LED strip. Break your strip into smaller sections and as per your area needs.

  1. Defective or Overloaded Power Supply:
If you observe that the entire LED light strip is flashing followed by noise or a hot power supply, then you need to replace your power supply. The main reason for this is an excessive load or defective power supply that results in voltage fluctuations.

Tip to Fix Issue – The basic idea in this scenario is to swap out your power supply. Make a proper arrangement that matches the power consumption of your LED strip light.

  1. Damaged Strip:
If your LED strip light is flickering, check whether it is damaged or not. It may get damaged by anything like water, dust, etc. If the LED strip gets damaged, the breaking of the circuit starts appearing, which results in the flashing of the LED strip light.

Tip to Fix Issue – Protect your LED strip lights from water, dust, etc., and clean them frequently.

  1. Constant Usage:
One of the primary reasons for the flashing of LED strip lights is its constant use. It happens that you keep the lights running for long hours which results in a significant reduction in the voltage that the strip receives. This leads to flickering and dimming.

Tip to Fix Issue – Do not use LED strip lights for a few consecutive hours. Instead, switch them off over a short interval, or never forget to switch them off when not in use.

  1. Overloaded Circuits:
You may experience flashing of LED strips if your house has a lot of appliances that don’t meet growing energy demands.

Tip to Fix Issue – Ask your electrician to check whether your meter supplies sufficient power. If not, upgrade your meter or otherwise minimize the usage of extra appliances that add to the overload of power usage.



The flickering of LED lights is not a big issue. Many professionals reported that even newly-installed LED strips flash due to common reasons given above. LED lights has an impressive lifespan of at least 25,000 hours. But if they get exposed to flickering issues, their life may get short. So identify the problem and fix it on-spot or call an electrician to fix it quickly.
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