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Fluorescent Tubes Vs. LED Tubes – Which is Best?

Are you planning to replace your tube lights shortly? Are you still using conventional fluorescent tube lights? Wait… Read this to-the-point blog post carefully, as it will highlight some hard facts that can influence your decision. Based on energy and cost efficiency, we recommend using the best led tube lights for home. But before you agree with our conclusion, let us have a quick rundown of why LED tube lights are the ideal choice:

  • LED Tube Lights Vs. Fluorescent Tube Lights:
There are plenty of options available in the world of lighting like tube lights, bulbs, panels, artistic lights, etc. Following are some notable differences you should consider when comparing LED and fluorescent options.

  • Material Used:
Use of non-hazardous material for manufacturing LED tube lights makes it safe to install at any location like bedroom, hall, study room, balcony, or outdoor. On the other hand, using glass, plastic, metal, and mercury for manufacturing fluorescent tube lights makes it risky if the tube breaks.

  • Efficiency:
LED tube lights are the best choice to save more energy. LED tube lights are capable of producing higher lumen output using lower energy consumption. Fluorescent tube lights consume more power as they need to energize ballast and excite the phosphor to emit light. 

  • Light Quality:
LED tube lights closely resemble natural sunlight. It produces the brightest white light with the seamless emission of every single color. The same is not right in the case of the fluorescent tube light. Their color wavelengths spike at blue, red, and green. This scenario leads to the generation of harsher color rendering.

  • Lifespan:
LED tube lights have 3-5 times more lifespan than conventional fluorescent tube lights. On average, LED tube lights last up to 50,000-70,000 hours of use (approx. 10 years), whereas fluorescent tube lights can function up to 15,000-20,000 hours (approx 2-3 years).

  • Money and Energy Saving:
If you wish to reduce your energy bill, switch to LED tube lights. Though the cost of a LED tube light is higher than the fluorescent tube light, it will save more than twice your annual energy consumption. LED tube lights consume less energy (almost half) than fluorescent tube lights. So you will be charged with less energy bill. 
  • Recyclability:
When it comes to recycling your tube lights, LED tube lights are more comfortable than conventional fluorescent tube lights. Disassemble your LED tube by separating aluminum and plastic components to drop off at your local recycling center. In the end, drop electric parts at a computer or e-recycling center. As fluorescent tubes use mercury (a highly toxic substance) you should strictly avoid putting them in the garbage. You need to call a company that deals in the recycling of such tube lights. Pay around 0.60$- 0.80$ per tube to recycle. 

Conclusion – LED Tube is the Better Choice:

LED tube lights are more energy-efficient, save more money, the last longer, are safe to use, and leaves less impact on the environment. The points covered above are enough to answer- why you should stop using fluorescent tubes?
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