7 Advantages of LED Lights Over Others

Why Do People Prefer to Use LED Lights over Others?

Are you planning to implant LED lighting solutions for your new home, warehouse, or manufacturing plant? You are on the right track! The lighting industry has seen tremendous changes after the entry of LED lights. The residential lighting and commercial segment was looking for energy-efficient, long-lasting, and space-saving lighting. LEDs fulfill all these requirements with a lot of other additional benefits. This blog focuses on why people prefer to use LED light bulbs over others.
  • 7 Advantages of LED Lights:
Are you fed up with paying a high energy bill every month due to the use of traditional lights? Get over it smartly! Install LED lights and experience the delightful technological advancement in the lighting industry. The LED lights we are using today are the third generation of LEDs (first being in the 60s and second in the late 80s and 90s) with more life, more savings, and better performance. The following are the main advantages of LED lights and the reasons why they are the best choice:

  • Energy-Efficient:
One of the main reasons LEDs are much better than other lights is their energy-efficient operation. LEDs turn about 70% (in some cases 90%) of their energy into lights due to their high lumen output per watt. Traditional bulbs waste a lot of power in the form of heat. LEDs require 1/6th of a watt to produce the amount of light that an incandescent bulb needs.
Check this small example. Replacement of 10 lamps in your home or commercial premises with LEDs would result in the reduction of 1599Kg CO2 emission annually.  

  • Longer Life:
The average lifespan of a typical incandescent bulb is up to 1500 hours. LEDs have a 40 times longer life than an incandescent bulb, i.e., up to 60,000 hours. It means that LED lights last anywhere from 6 to 12 years. Other lights like fluorescent, metal halide, or sodium vapor lights continue up to 15,000 to 20,000 hours, even 2 to 3 times less than LED lights.

  • High Level of Brightness:
LEDs emit an extremely high level of brightness. Please check the lumen output of the bulb. Typically, LED lights offer 4000 lumens for a 40-watt bulb. In contrast, the incandescent bulb provides 450 lumens and CFL offer 2400 lumens for the bulb of the same watt.
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  • Emits No Heat – Safer to Use for a Long Time:
Many traditional bulbs turn 90% of energy into heat and the remaining 10% to actual light production. It makes the bulb very hot and breaks it in some unfortunate incidences. LEDs are a safe choice as they emit almost no heat. This feature allows you to leave LEDs for hours without worrying about heat emission.

  • Environment-Friendly:
Neon lighting or other traditional lights use mercury that may menace the environment. The manufacturing of LEDs involves non-toxic materials making them an environmentally friendly light source. Other lighting materials require special handling to recycle, whereas LEDs are easily recyclable. This is the era of using eco-friendly things whenever we can, and hence many people increasingly look for LEDs.

  • More Sturdy:
A semiconductor is the primary manufacturing material for LEDs instead of a filament or neon gas. It makes LED lights more sturdy and solid than traditional incandescent bulbs or neon tubes. LED lights also have the design flexibility to allow their usage almost in any application.
  • A Large Number of Color Options:
Traditional lights need to use gels or filters to offer different colors and shades of light. LEDs present a variety of color options without using gels and filters. Usually, gels and filters fade out or burn over time. LEDs use diode or phosphorus coating that changes according to the color of emitted light.

  • Other Benefits:
In addition to the above advantages of LED Lights, the following are some other notable benefits:
  • LEDs emit complete light the moment you press the on button.
  • LEDs emit light in one direction that helps to reduce energy consumption.
  • LED lights perform better in old cold temperatures.
  • LEDs operate on very low voltage.

There exist plenty of lighting solutions in the market – Incandescent, CFL, and LED. But, in the end, you must choose the one that helps you save more energy, the environment, and more money. In that case, LEDs fit perfectly. Nowadays, LED lights are replacing traditional lights as they offer the above advantages. LED lights prove that it is the smartest and the most power-saving illumination.
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