Best Tips for Protecting Outdoor Light Strings

Best Tips for Protecting Outdoor Light Strings

Are you planning to set up outdoor lights in your backyard, garden, patio, or porch? Yes! Then you first need to make a safety plan to protect them from the weather conditions that may damage your outdoor led light strips. The following are the simple tips to ensure the safety of your family, guests, and outdoor lights.  
Best Tips to Protect Outdoor LED Light Strips:

People love to utilize their creativity and energy to fix the outdoor lights instead of getting them fixed by a professional electrician. In such cases, they may forget some safety measures to avoid the incidences of short circuits or electrical fires. Check the following tips before you set zigzag or any specific design of your outdoor strip LED lighting:

Avoid Direct Exposure to Rain and Sunlight:

When you fix your outdoor LED light strings, you need to think about the ways to protect them. Direct sunlight or rain may short out wires or generate sparking. The best choice is to keep them close to walls and undercover. 

Buy Lights that are Best Suited for Outdoor Use Only:

The manufacturing of outdoor lights executes around harsh weather conditions. Using indoor lights for outdoor purposes is not a good choice as these lights are not the right fit for rain, snow, or heavy moisture. Only buy LED lights that mentions weather-resistant or weather-proof on their packaging.

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Use Extension Cords Manufactured for Outdoor Use:

Prioritize the safety of your outdoor extension cord in the same way you plan for outdoor lights. Extension cords for outdoor usage come with more tough material than indoor extension cords. So, be clever, and buy the extension cords that are manufactured only for outdoor purposes.  

Keep Lights Away from Fire-Catching Decorative Items:

People use decorative items like tinsel, paper Christmas tree, plastic straw, or candles for stylish looks. But, they somehow forget that such items are flammable and can easily catch fire in case of electrical short-outs. So it is advisable to keep your lights away from such flammable decorative items for better safety.

Other Useful Tips:
Apart from the above tips, also think of the following instructions to keep your outdoor led light strips safe and long-lasting:

Before installing outdoor light strips, check whether any socket, bulb, or fuse is damaged or not and if found damaged, repair it and then hang.
 Never use staples or uninsulated metal hooks to hang the LED strip wires as they may pierce or crush the wire jackets.
If you trim the rope lights, make sure to seal the ends with end caps and silicone glue.
Check the maximum amperage rating listed on the packaging of your extension cord and circuit, and try to balance your strip load between the mentioned ranges.
Use coil or wrapping tubes to store light strings when not in use.


Though LED lights are safe and energy-efficient, careless outdoor installation may lead to fire hazards or electric shock. You should follow the above simple tips to enjoy your eye-catching and mind-blowing outdoor ambiance safely and joyfully. We are one of the best choices to shop for outdoor LED light strips. We offer professional LED solutions for both home and commercial premises.